How to play:
To create a new animation select ‘New Animation’ from the menu screen.
Choose a background image to set your scene to. Swipe your finger left or right to see available backgrounds. To select, tap once on the background.
image001 Add a stick figure to your scene by tapping on the stick figure icon. Use your finger to drag the figure to its starting position. Double-tap stick figure to zoom in. Use the blue triangles to move the stick figures joints. Double-tap on the background to zoom back out.

image015 Lock/Unlock items on your screen with the lock tool (located in Objects menu). When locked, an item on the screen will not move. This is helpful for when multiple items are located close together. Once a snapshot is taken, everything unlocks automatically.

rotate-controlWhen you tap on an Object or Weapon it becomes controllable. When highlighted with this control image you can:

    speech-bubble-btn Select speech bubble from Objects menu. Double-tap in center to edit text. Speech bubbles can also be re-sized and rotated.
    image002 Tap the up arrow to access the stick figure color palette. Tap a color, then tap a stick figure in your scene to change its color. Tap the arrow again to collapse the color palette.
    image003 Tap the camera icon to take a snapshot. Each snapshot is a frame in your animation.
    image004 Tap the bomb to access the weapons menu. Scroll through the weapons toolbar and select a weapon by tapping on it once. Tap the bomb again to close the weapons menu.
    image005 To fire a weapon, tap the firing sequence button and drag a line from the weapon to the target.
    image006 Tap the box to access the objects menu. Scroll through the objects toolbar and select an object by tapping on it once. Tap the box again to close the objects menu.
    image007 Sounds are located in the objects menu. Tap the speaker icon to access the sound effects. Tap a sound effect to choose it. A check mark will appear. Tap the effect again to de-select.
    image008 Don’t like the current frame? Delete it by tapping the delete frame button.
    image009 To remove an item from your scene, tap the trash can icon. A trash can will appear in the bottom right corner. Drag items into the can to remove. Tap the trash can in the toolbar again to remove the can.
    image010 Tap the frame forward or frame back button to move one frame at a time. Great for fine tuning your animations!
    image011 Tap the frame speed icon to speed up or slow down your animation. Tap again to return to main toolbar.
    image012 Press the play button to play your animation.

    image017image016 Use the up/down arrows at the far left to collapse and recall the toolbar.

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